The Intelligent Payment platform allows retailers to provide a personalised experience to their customers whilst increasing sales, managing fraud and reducing the number of drop offs before purchase.

Intelligent Payments works closely with retailers to develop bespoke payment pages which complement the retailer's existing processes. Rather than offering a rigid payment page where the look and feel can be tweaked, bespoke pages can be developed to offer retailers ultimate flexibility. At the point of checkout, two way continuous communication facilitates sending of offers in real time. For example, a suggested product could be pushed or a suggestion to spend €X more to qualify for an additional discount etc.

Intelligent Payments enables retailers to offer a range of default payment methods to their client based on a number of factors such as last used payment type, the customer's IP address, the amount of the transaction or the product.

For example, a customer in the UK with a basket value of £30 can be given the option to pay with credit or debit card and the two most popular alternative payment methods for the UK.

A similar customer in Germany with a €EUR30 basket could be shown various alternative payment methods that are more prevalent outside the UK. The same customer in Germany with a basket of €200 might be shown different alternative payment methods which have a lower cost to process.

When a customer purchases from the retailer's website and then returns using a mobile device the platform will offer the last used payment method. This ensures a quicker one-click checkout process through their mobile device.

With links to multiple acquiring banks, retailers with a large number of international transactions benefit from increased authorisations by routing to local acquirers in those countries. The solution has over 60 local payment methods available.

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