Intelligent Payments started life as the payments platform for one of the largest online gaming merchants in Europe. The merchant was frustrated that they could not get the functionality and flexibility they required from existing payment gateways in the market. The merchant was experiencing significant growth and this drove up the level of fraud. In addition, as volumes grew, the type and complexity of fraudulent payments were constantly changing. No platform could keep pace with the evolving changes and the complexity that was developing in the sector. Unable to find a suitable payment service provider, the merchant decided to build their own platform. The platform has continued to evolve and is now independent of the gaming company.

However, the knowledge and understanding of gaming transactions and the bespoke requirements for gaming merchants ensures this sector is still a key focus for Intelligent Payments.

Intelligent Payments allows gaming merchants to send through their own data along with the transaction data. The combined data can then be used to get a complete view of transactions and likelihood of fraud. The gaming merchant can set rules based on any of the combined data elements such as the length of time a customer has had an account, how many deposits they have made, the type of card used for payment, where their IP is located etc. These rules help decide whether to stop a transaction, highlight it for investigation, block a pay-out, apply 3D secure or not etc. This level of flexibility is what make's Intelligent Payments unique and the provider of choice for leading gaming merchants. The Intelligent Payments back office solution provides a range of tools to highlight potential fraudulent transactions and manages pay-outs.

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