Payment security is a critical component of any payment platform. As a level 1 PCI accredited gateway, Intelligent Payments manages and stores card data for some of the largest gaming, retail and travel merchants in Europe. Our payment gateway offers a seamless integration for the merchant. Customers enter their card data on our platform while maintaining the look and feel of the merchant’s website. The card number is tokenised and the merchant can display the last 4 digits of the card so the next time the customer

transacts, the encrypted card is populated in the payment field. This improves conversion rates and the loyalty that customers have with the merchant. The same seamless functionality and security is copied across to our mobile payment platform to ensure the ubiquity of the customer experience and improved conversions are maintained. Managing payment security and taking merchants out of PCI scope is crucial for merchants. Our case study section demonstrates how we saved a merchant £200,000 by taking that merchant out of PCI scope.

Payment Gateway Cards