Our payment handling solution helps merchants to make business decisions based on balancing the relative risk against the lifetime value of their customers. A merchant with a regular shipping schedule can build this into the payment handler allowing orders from regular customers to be immediately dispatched. Orders can also be queued against sophisticated anti-fraud triggers written into the shipping schedule. They can be analysed to ensure that the merchant is comfortable to dispatch the goods or, if necessary, requires further information before shipping.

Gaming merchants who manage complex pay-out requirements can set filters and check account balances before pay-outs can be made. They can set parameters to allow pay-outs to be made immediately for VIP customers, or set anti-fraud thresholds based on customer data and other risk factors. Merchants can reduce false positives and manual intervention by letting business knowledge work through slick automation, with the added benefit of providing a faster way to pay your ‘good’ customers.


Fraud Management