Intelligent Payments connects merchants to local acquirers in countries where they want to expand their sales, helping them to benefit from lower interchange and processing costs.

Connecting to local acquirers ensures higher approval rates from cards issued in those countries. Via our single API a merchant can connect to many different acquirers globally.

Alternative Payment Methods

A key requirement for merchants trading online today is access to alternative and local payment methods. When merchants want to sell their products and services internationally, credit or debit cards are not always the preferred method of payment. Many countries have specific payment methods that customers in those countries prefer to use online. The challenge for a

merchant is to know which payment methods will suit their customer and to have those payment methods available. Through a single integration to Intelligent Payments a merchant can access over 60 of the most commonly used alternative and domestic payment methods around the globe. To see some of the alternative payment methods Intelligent Payments offer please click here.

Least Cost Routing

As online payments grow in complexity, merchants require the flexibility to manage their transactions, routing them to different end points. Least Cost Routing allows merchants to define

where transactions should be cleared. Acquirer costs are reduced by the use of parameters such as the card issuer, card type or issuing country.

Fraud Management