Intelligent Payments Slide 7 - Mobile Payments

The Problem

One of the largest online retailers in Spain needed to address PCI Compliance and find a partner that would support their expansion to South America. They were concerned about giving control of their customers payment experience to a third party company, as they had invested heavily in optimising the checkout process.

The Solution

Intelligent Payments developed a tokenised mobile and web solution with a bespoke payment page that facilitated their PCI Compliance and provided their customers with a seamless payment experience. As part of the solution, Intelligent Payments developed a dynamic shopping basket that allows real time promotions to be offered during the checkout process. The customer simply clicks to accept another product and the basket updates automatically, without any further steps before checking out.

The Result

Intelligent Payments connected to a number of South American acquirers, local payment methods, third party fraud solutions and a Brazilian factoring company to support the merchant's international expansion. Single reporting is available across all acquirers and payment methods to facilitate reconciliation for the merchant.

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