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The Problem

The customer, a large online booking engine, had significant ongoing costs in maintaining PCI Compliance as they were capturing and storing card details, then sending them to their member hotels to be processed.

The Solution

Intelligent Payments today provides a tokenised solution to securely capture and store the customers debit or credit cards. We then electronically deliver the card details via an API directly to the hotels booking system. This allows them to process the card details when the customer checks out of the hotel or should the customer not show. For hotels that cannot accept bookings via the secure API, Intelligent Payments sends a fax to the hotel on behalf of the booking engine. The optimised booking process and improved efficiency around passing card details to the hotels has dramatically increased the levels of reservations, without affecting the customer experience. As the booking company has outsourced card processing to Intelligent Payments, their time and cost of maintaining PCI Compliance has decreased significantly.

The Result

This unique solution developed by Intelligent Payments has reduced the booking companies operating costs by £200,000.

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