Effective management of 3D Secure is crucial to online merchants managing their payments. Too often merchants are pushed by acquirers to implement 3D Secure but are faced with decreasing sales through ‘cart’ abandonment. Customers forget their 3D Secure password or are simply put off with the extra time it takes to complete a transaction. Some payment providers will offer merchants the ability to manage 3D Secure at a very high level. For example if the card holder is from the UK enforce 3D Secure or if they are outside of the UK override 3D Secure. Intelligent Payments have developed a solution that allows the application of 3D Secure at an individual transaction

level. This is a truly unique solution in the online payment sector. Merchants can create rules that enforce or override 3D Secure. For example if a customer is from a certain country or has made more than a certain number of purchases or has a card that has been issued by a certain bank.

Offering this detailed level of functionality allows merchants to implement the appropriate 3D Secure settings to better manage fraud, while optimising the authorisation rate. Find out more from our case study showing how optimum adoption of 3D Secure increased sales by £500,000 per month for one of our merchants.

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