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Intelligent Payments understands the importance of combining payment data with key business intelligence data .......

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Our merchants have experienced rapid growth in the number of transactions they receive from a mobile device .......

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Intelligent Payment's Executive Management has over 15 years' experience implementing anti-fraud strategies .......

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Secure and Reliable

Intelligent Payments is a Level 1 PCI Compliant Payment Provider and we work with many merchants to take them completely out of PCI scope. As we work with merchants who generate significant transaction volumes, our platform scalability conforms to the ‘capacity on demand’ model, whereby it is constantly benchmarked to ensure it is technically capable of supporting twice the historic daily peak transaction numbers. To find out more please visit our Payment Security service.

Payment Gateway Data


Intelligent Payments understands every merchant has their own specific payment processing requirements. Our platform has been designed to give the merchant complete control of the data they send to us. Merchants can manage, filter and report on that data to ensure that transactions are successful and that they give the customer a superior payment experience. To find out more please visit our key benefits section.

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